Baltimore Good Eats – Bottega

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Ever since I first heard about Bottega about a year ago, I’ve been waiting for any opportunity to try it. To my dismay, I found out they were temporarily closed for a period of time so it’s taken me this long to finally go but it was definitely worth the anticipation!

From its storefront in Station North, Bottega is very unassuming and if I hadn’t known about it, I probably would pass it without realizing that there is delicious food being created inside. When you walk through the entrance, you’re greeted by friendly faces of the staff and a vintage, rustic ambiance (noted for my future home) filled with natural light and worn wood. All of the food was absolutely delicious, which I will get to soon, but another bonus is the restaurant is BYOB! My friend Elaine and I brought a nice bottle of rosé to enjoy and our waitress offered to keep it chilled in an ice bucket for us by our table, which was much appreciated.

Bottega has an ever-changing menu that reflects what is in season, which is extremely evident in the dishes. The simplicity of the food allows the ripe, fresh ingredients to shine while incorporating a creative twist. Here is the menu as of the day this post was published:




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Baltimore Good Eats – Thames Street Oyster House

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Now having gone to college in Baltimore for three years and being the foodie that I am, you’d think I would’ve scoped out the best crab cake by now, right? Baltimore is well-known for its fresh, delicious seafood and even more famous for its crab cakes, all thanks to the Chesapeake Bay, which can really use some more lovin’ instead of our plastic shopping bags and fertilizers… the environmental engineer part of me can talk about this for ages but you can check out the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website for more info on how you can help preserve the bay so we can get back to talking about food.

crab cake above

Anyway, if I got a dollar every time someone asked “Where can you get the best crab cake in Baltimore?” or “Can you bring me fresh crabs and crab cakes when you come back home?”, I’m sure I would have enough money to get an awesome crab cake from Faidley’s or Mo’s or… « Read the rest of this entry »

New York Good Eats – The Smith; Nobu

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My friend, Britt, is someone who I can rely on to join me on my food adventures. We both love to eat and often appreciate similar cuisines and styles of food. When we both returned home from our semesters abroad, we completely embraced being back in New York and immediately started making city plans revolving around delicious food.

Note: This happened during the holiday season so that means eating this much in one day is technically allowed, right (although I doubt anything would’ve changed even if it weren’t)?

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Sydney’s Good Food Month + Homemade Southeast Asian Dishes

November 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

photo 1  DSC_0634 - Version 2

Last month was Good Food Month in Sydney, so you can imagine how excited I was. The whole month was dedicated to highlighting Sydney’s best chefs and eateries through festivals and special events. I didn’t get to attend all of the events I was interested in but I was fortunate enough to enjoy several of the main ones!

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Sydney Good Eats: Brunch

October 24, 2014 § 2 Comments


It is almost the weekend, which means it’s time to start thinking about making brunch plans if you haven’t done so already! For those who know me, it is no secret that brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I only realized my love for all things brunch-related when I went off to college in Baltimore because of all the great local brunch options.

Reasons why brunch is the best meal of the day:

  • More sleep (much needed in college)
  • Wide variety of foods– breakfast/lunch, sweet/savory, hot/cold, etc.
  • Excuse to dress up a little more than usual
  • Creative menu options

The last point refers to the innovative foods I often see on brunch menus. I love trying novel flavor combinations or twists on classic dishes. In fact, I look for those things when I am researching new brunch spots (the type of research I wouldn’t mind doing all day).

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