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Austin Coye

I love to eat.

In fact, I will go out of the way to try some of the best eateries around me wherever I am, which my family and friends (and Instagram feed) can attest to.

I strongly believe that my passion for baking and cooking is directly correlated to my love for eating. There is nothing better or more satisfying than being able to make food at your command that perfectly suits your own tastes.

One of my earliest experiences in the kitchen as a little girl is regularly helping my mom make her classic banana bread from scratch. My job was to mash the bananas and clean the dishes. Every time, I would ask my mom if I could “really help” but she would always insist that I was being helpful.

Eventually, I learned to make banana bread by myself and branched out to trying new recipes on my own. I could often be found watching Food Network and reading cookbooks, absorbing as much information as I could from them.

Because I have a tremendous sweet tooth, baking holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely love to bake, whether it is a humble cookie or a decorated multi-layered cake. Plus, baking is the perfect stress outlet – you can beat (butter), whip (eggs), punch (dough), and then stress eat. In short, baking is pretty darn great.

Another reason to bake is to show others you care about them. Baked goods can help to celebrate an occasion, brighten up a grey day, or simply make an ordinary day more fun. Research shows that there is no problem that cannot be solved by stuffing your face with a delicious, homemade treat. Okay, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot and you’ll never know unless you try it.

To share with you what I make and eat, whether sweet or savory, I have decided to create Celine’s Eats, which I hope will inspire you to have your own culinary adventures inside and outside of the kitchen.



Special thanks to my brother, Justin, for coming up with the name “Celine’s Eats.”


All images on Celine’s Eats are photographed by me, unless otherwise noted. I spend a lot of time capturing these photos so please ask my permission first if you wish to use any of my images. Thanks!


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