Raspberry – White Chocolate Muffins

August 15, 2016 § Leave a comment


When I have the leisure to, I love going to the grocery store or farmers market without a concrete shopping list in mind and just pick up whatever looks fresh and in season. I was planning on baking muffins to bring to the office but I was still undecided on what kind when I went grocery shopping. But when I saw these plump, juicy organic raspberries on sale, I just had to get them and decided to make these moist, delicious Raspberry-White Chocolate Muffins! And of course I got a container just for snacking.


The raspberries give the muffins a great burst of tartness and sweetness while the white chocolate adds a layer of decadence, which is just what is needed to get through an early morning. I love any excuse to add browned butter because of the fragrant smell and it gives food so much more flavor, which definitely comes through in these muffins.

Another plus is these tender muffins come together so easily and are great reheated for a warm breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up!


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Strawberry – Mango Moscato Popsicles

August 10, 2016 § Leave a comment


Not sure who first came up with the idea of boozy popsicles but whoever did, kudos. Popsicles are essential to staying cool in the summer and when you add moscato to them, they get that much more perfect.

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a hot day with a boozy popsicle inside a glass of sparkling wine. Loopy Doopy Bar in NYC is insta-famous for its version of this with incredible rooftop views. To recreate this experience at home (minus the NYC skyline view unless you’re lucky like that, in which case I’m inviting myself over), make these refreshing and easy strawberry-mango moscato popsicles!


These popsicles are absolutely delicious – it’s easy to lose count of how many you’ve eaten, especially when they don’t cost $20+ each. They are filled with summer fruit, and the lime juice and mint help balance out the sweetness and bring out the fresh flavors.

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