Crab & Corn Pot Pies

July 22, 2016 § Leave a comment


I love eating crab fresh from the shell, especially in Maryland, but I definitely have to be in the right mood and setting to commit to making a mess of myself and working hard for that sweet crabmeat. For those times that I just want to sit down with a glass of cold white wine and still enjoy the flavor of crab and Old Bay, I make these Crab & Corn Pot Pies.


The pastry part is one of my favorite things about a pot pie so my version has a great pastry to filling ratio. By baking the puff pastry separately from the filling, the pastry stays crisp and is perfect for dipping into the creamy, smoky filling.

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Thai Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango

July 13, 2016 § 2 Comments


Whenever I go to a Thai restaurant, I want to order sticky rice with mango for dessert because it is so satisfying and the components come together beautifully. The chewy, sticky rice saturated with sweet coconut milk is paired with juicy mango to create the perfectly simple dessert.

To satisfy my craving when I’m at home, I tried making this dessert and it was absolutely delicious! This is a super easy, no-bake dessert to make that is perfect for the summer. It is important to note that sticky, or glutinous, rice is necessary, which is different than normal rice. This particular rice allows the creamy coconut milk to absorb into it and gives it so much great flavor.


Most of these desserts are made with white sticky rice but I used the purple variety because the vibrant purple hue of the rice and the bright yellow of the mango makes this dish pop with color. It makes it feel more summery, especially with the tropical flavors of coconut and mango!

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