Torched S’mores Layer Cake

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I knew I would find a reason to justify the fact that I’m super late in sharing this recipe and I’ve found the best excuse there is: apparently January 27 (aka today) is National Chocolate Cake Day! Not like I really need a reason to eat chocolate cake but I will gladly accept the affirmation! It seems like every day (in America/Instagram anyway) is a celebration for some kind of delicious food and you know what, I can get down with it.

It also seems like s’mores variations have been popping up everywhere so all the more reason to make this cake! I first thought to do a s’mores layer cake when I was brainstorming ideas for my brother’s birthday cake. He turned 14 and he’s not an adventurous eater so it can be difficult being creative with his cakes but having him like it, which is obviously crucial. How horrible would it be if you didn’t like your own birthday cake?


I was so excited with how this cake turned out! I have been experimenting with six-inch layered cakes because whenever I bake larger ones for my family, the leftovers never get finished. This s’mores layer cake is by far the best one I’ve made yet, and you don’t even need a six-inch cake pan to make it!

It’s a little whimsical yet sophisticated and so delicious. The chocolate cake is incredibly moist (I used my go-to recipe) and you can really taste all the components of a s’more: chocolate fudge is added between the cake layers, graham crackers are crushed and added to the frosting, and meringue is piped on top and torched to a perfect golden-brown finish, just like a campfire marshmallow.


This cake may be more work than making traditional s’mores but it elevates the satisfaction you get from graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to a whole new level. Yes, it’s a labor of love but it tastes amazing and is sure to impress so make this for a special occasion or for celebrating someone special in your life!

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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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There are certain problems that only cinnamon rolls can fix. There’s something about them that’s so comforting and makes the entire place smell heavenly. These dirty chai cinnamon rolls definitely hit the spot but what do you do when you’re craving cinnamon rolls but don’t have the energy or time to make them? Or if you’re stuck at home because Blizzard Jonas is furiously raging outside and you don’t have yeast or refrigerated cinnamon rolls on hand?!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

You combine two breakfast favorites into one and make these cinnamon roll pancakes! You probably already have all of the ingredients that go into these light, fluffy, indulgent pancakes, so what are you waiting for?

These pancakes are so much fun to make with their cinnamon-swirl inside that ensures each bite has a burst of cinnamon-sugary goodness. Cream cheese glaze is an absolutely must for cinnamon rolls so it is no surprise that it brings these pancakes over the top and truly makes them cinnamon roll pancakes.DSC_0944DSC_0948DSC_0963

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Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Butternut Squash Polenta

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Well it seems as though winter has finally woken up in New York and is not playing around. The temperature over the past few days have been averaging below freezing and it looks like it’ll stay that way for awhile. People went from barbecuing in shorts on Christmas Day to now being bundled up in long down coats and leaving the house only when absolutely necessary. Fortunately, these hearty braised short ribs with creamy butternut squash polenta is the cure to staying warm. The ribs do their thing in the slow cooker while you’re at work, running errands, or occupied in your latest Netflix binge and then you reap the benefits! If you also feel like you’re living in a frozen tundra, make this dish and it’ll warm you from the inside out.


The short ribs are braised in a flavorful bath of red wine and beef broth, which turns into the most savory, delicious sauce after being cooked down. The ribs are slow cooked until absolutely fork tender and smooth as butter. The creamy polenta is the perfect canvas for the tender meat since it absorbs the sauce so you can enjoy every last drop. It is slightly sweet from the butternut squash and has a salty bite from the Pecorino cheese. The roasted butternut squash is a great seasonal addition and also sneaks in some extra nutrients.

Enjoy with a glass of red wine and you’re good to go!

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