bills Coconut Bread

January 25, 2015 § Leave a comment


After living in Australia for four and a half months, it holds a special place in my heart. Therefore, when I discovered over the weekend that January 26 is Australia Day, I knew I wanted to make something in honor of it. Plus, it’s a cold, snowy Monday and the first day of the spring semester at Hopkins so all the more need for a special treat to brighten up the day!

Although lamingtons are classic Aus Day fare, I was looking to make something less labor intensive. After reflecting on some foods I really enjoyed while in Sydney, this coconut bread from bills came to mind. Although it is categorized as bread, it is not the typical American quick bread, such as banana or zucchini bread. Instead, it lies somewhere between bread and cake since it is not as wet as a quick bread but not as tender-crumbed as a cake.

coconut bread

This bread is so delicious and can be easily whipped up in minutes! An added bonus is you probably have most of the ingredients on hand. It’s as simple as mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and then letting the oven do its thang.

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New York Good Eats – The Smith; Nobu

January 21, 2015 § Leave a comment


My friend, Britt, is someone who I can rely on to join me on my food adventures. We both love to eat and often appreciate similar cuisines and styles of food. When we both returned home from our semesters abroad, we completely embraced being back in New York and immediately started making city plans revolving around delicious food.

Note: This happened during the holiday season so that means eating this much in one day is technically allowed, right (although I doubt anything would’ve changed even if it weren’t)?

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Ringing in 2015 – Boston Cream Pie

January 5, 2015 § Leave a comment


Happy New Year!! Unlike most other years, by the time it was December 31, I felt ready for the coming year to begin but not because there was something wrong with the past year. 2014 was a full year- highs, lows, celebration of life, remembrance of those who passed, adventures that transformed strangers to friends and brought further personal discovery, new memories with old friends, and of course, incredible food. As a result, it felt like it was simply time to move onto 2015. To help kick off the year right, I made this delicious Boston Cream Pie!  « Read the rest of this entry »

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